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Excessive sweating is treated with the help of the botulinum toxin commonly called "botox''. It significantly reduces the medical problem that makes you uncomfortable in less than 30 minutes.

Hyperhidrosis Is caused by too much activity of the sweat glands and can be caused by a primary problem with no known cause, a secondary problem (therefore due to an external factor) or in a localized way, which means that part of the body produces too much sweat.

Most patients experience excessive sweating of the armpits. By injecting a quantity of toxin into the sebaceous gland, a decrease in its activity is usually seen in the 2 weeks following the treatment.

Procedure Time

To be assessed

Recovery time

It is a treatment that requires no downtime

Number of treatments

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Sensitivity time

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Within 2 weeks of treatment and have an average duration of 6-8 months


To be assessed


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