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Microneedling Is a non-invasive, very effective treatment for the signs of aging skin, to densify the texture of the skin as well as to prevent the signs of aging. It also corrects certain imperfections such as dilated pores, acne scars as well as stretch marks.

The treatment is made with a pen with several microneedles (disposable) that can have different diameters. It consists of performing micro-perforations under varying depths, in different layers of the dermis, while applying different serums or the natural properties of your body, i.e. the plasma contained in your blood (vampire facelift). This treatment stimulates the synthesis of collagen, which is made of cells responsible for the quality of the skin's texture.

This treatment is suitable for all types of skins as well as all phototypes. The issues addressed:

-dull and blotchy complexion
-sagging skin
-wrinkles and fine lines
-dilated pores
-stretch marks
-superficial acne scars

The benefits of this treatment?

Despite the fact that it can take about 4 sessions, you will see an improvement in the texture of your skin, a smoother, more revitalized and especially healthier skin from the first treatment.

For its part, PRP, a plasma rich in platelets and growth promoters, is a fully autologous treatment. This means that it comes from your own blood constituents. PRP has several indications. Its main use in clinics is focused on injection techniques and microneedling.

Once released into the tissues, the growth promoters in PRP will act on the stimulation of fibroblast stem cells and on the formation of new fibroblasts. Its main functions are the healing and regenerative properties of the tissues.

It is nicknamed The Vampire Lift, but it remains a gentle and natural technique for those who prefer the natural look. (Kim Kardashian)

It is particularly recommended to stimulate fine, fragile and dull skin, around the eyes, face, neck and hands.

Being autologous, there are no possible side effects.

Procedure Time

60 minutes

Recovery time

Possible redness due to treatment, but that decreases within hours

Number of treatments

To be assessed, depending on the condition that needs treatment

Sensitivity time

During the procedure, tolerable


Immediate and continuing with collagen production (6 months)




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