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Soprano Ice


The Soprano Ice is a patented new generation, comfortable diode laser that can treat a wide range of patients with all skin types, even in the summer.

We guarantee the best clinical results.

Arté-Beauté has the most comfortable technology in the category of lasers offering hair removal. The Soprano Ice is a winner of '' The aesthetic industry awards" awarded to the platform with the best performance, smaller number of treatments and always at high standards (supported by 7 years of proven clinical studies and for all skin types.)

The reason why this technology offers faster results is that it exerts an equal thermal action on the deep layer of the skin, which results in faster results!

Procedure Time

Depends on the area being treated, between 10-60 minutes

Recovery time


Number of treatments

To be assessed, on average 8 treatments

Sensitivity time



Reduced hair growth from the first session


Immediate exposure to the sun before and after treatment


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