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Pulsed Light


The right side reminds you of your youthful skin, looking good with innocent, harmless perfection. Then, time and other factors (like sun exposure, pollution, stress and poor diet) changed your skin, decreasing your skin's ability to heal and causing blemishes. These negative factors can lead to discoloration, pronounced pigmentation (sometimes even melasma), diffuse redness (rosacea), fine lines and wrinkles.

The Harmony Alma uses exclusive advanced technology called "Florescence" Technology (AFT). The new standard for treatment (IPL) to eliminate pigment lesions (brown spots), vascular lesions (rosacea capillaries) and impure skins.

The treatments are short and cause little discomfort. Most people will experience redness and temporary swelling, similar to sunburn. This does not interfere with normal activities. Pigmented lesions turn slightly black after treatment and then decrease after 10-14 days. Vascular lesions generally undergo immediate graying or bleaching and decrease in 10-14 days. Skin rejuvenation occurs instantly and progresses over time.

Procedure Time

20 minutes

Recovery time

Possible redness following treatment, decreasing within hours. Skin that freezes slightly without social eviction

Number of treatments

To be assessed according to the condition being treated, but 1 treatment is sometimes sufficient

Sensitivity time

During the procedure, tolerable


Immediate and continuing with collagen production


Sun exposure, medication


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