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Fights acne with the help of biophotonics

Lumicleanse uses the power of light to stimulate skin healing, fighting moderate to severe acne. In some cases, this treatment in combination with other techniques could prevent you from taking medication or using chemical ingredients.

A multi-LED lamp as well as a KT-D and two active gels act in synergy to treat your acne. It penetrates the skin to promote healing thanks to its antimicrobial properties.

A simple and effective treatment that will require you to be diligent, but which will offer you quick results, at a rate of 2 sessions per week for 6 weeks for a duration of 9 minutes per treatment.

Risks and complications: imminent redness that disappears quickly

Procedure Time

20 minutes

Recovery time


Number of treatments

Variable (up to 12 for severe acne)

Sensitivity time



In a clinical trial, more than 90% of patients who observed significant improvement achieved results that lasted at least 6 months.


To be monitored


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