Pixel®RF treatment, skin resurfacing


procedure time

60 minutes

Convalescence time

5-7 days


3 weeks



Pixel RF uses InMotion’s patented radiofrequency refractive micro-plasma technology, which ablate and warm the skin with a controlled and targeted energy input, without the use of disposables. Healthy skin around the treated area helps accelerate the healing process, improving results and reducing patient downtime by allowing the targeted tissue to heal and collagen to strengthen. The result is fresh, smooth and radiant skin.

Sensitivity time

During the procedure and 30 minutes afterward

Duration of the procedure

60 minutes

Convalescence time

5-7 days


3 weeks, continuing 6 months after treatment.

Number of treatments

To be assessed, depending on the condition to be treated


Photosensitizing medication, sun exposure, pregnant or breastfeeding women.

Thanks to its high energy efficiency, the RF Pixel can achieve in one session what would require several sessions with other RF technologies. Not only is its use very effective on all skin types (Fitzpatrick I – VI), but treatments can be administered all year round, without seasonal restrictions. Unlike dermal rollers or low-power bipolar RF applicators that remove and heat the skin superficially, the RF Pixel causes evaporation, mechanical and thermal damage deep below the epidermal surface, producing a significant impact on the skin with minimal disruption to the epidermis.

“Pixel RF technology has given us another dimension in the fight against aging,” said Dr. Michael Gold, MD, a dermatologist in Nashville. “Since fractional resurfacing with RF technology does not harm the outer layer of the skin, the healing time is faster than CO 2traditionnellasers. As we found in our study, microplasma technology creates multiple controlled micro-perforations in small areas of thermal damage, similar to the pattern created by many fractional skin resurfacing lasers. During the procedure, only a small portion of the tissue is removed. The remaining tissue provides healing leading to the removal of irregular epidermal pigmentation, tightening of dermal collagen and smoothing resulting from the stimulation of the deep layers of the skin. The fact that patients experience less discomfort and shorter downtime has made this technology a success in my practice. “


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Technology is constantly evolving and we are committed to staying at the forefront of the most advanced and effective solutions to improve clinical outcomes, promote a positive patient experience while maximizing the return on practice investment at a low cost, no consumables,” said Avi. Farbstein , executive vice president and general manager of Alma Lasers. “The Pixel RF module adds new versatility to the Accent platforms. Practitioners now have the many technologies they need for first-rate comprehensive treatment, depending on age, skin condition and individual client preferences for downtime.

Patients are recommended to undergo 1 to 4 Alma Laser’s Pixel RF treatments, administered every four weeks. Optimal results are usually visible within two to three months.