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Fractional Laser


The Pixel resurfacing laser is designed to improve the quality and texture of the skin while stimulating collagen regeneration.

It is possible to treat severe problems such as acne scars, excess pigmentation, sagging skin and stretch marks.

The Pixel creates a biological process, which means that the laser triggers natural physical reactions using micro-lesions, which improves the texture of the skin. This technology, combined with the skill of our technician, offers quite remarkable results.

After about three weeks, a noticeable improvement can be noticed, but the natural process continues during the six months following treatment. Patients experience a uniform, smooth and healthy skin.

Procedure Time

60 minutes

Recovery time

5-7 days

Number of treatments

To be assessed, depending on the condition that needs treatment

Sensitivity time

During the procedure and 30 minutes after it


3 weeks, up to 6 months following treatment


Photosensitizing medication, sun exposure


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